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Amagami SS+ plus (アマガミSS+ plus) is an anime-original continuation of the original series' story. There are 13 episodes divided into two episode arcs with the exception of episode 13 which is solely dedicated to Miya Tachibana. The series was later released with 6 OVAs and two picture dramas: Picture Drama Valentine For You and Picture Drama Valentine For You 2.


# Arc Name
1 Ayatsuji "Temptation"
2 "Showdown"
3 Rihoko "Twilight"
4 "Wind Chime"
5 Nanasaki "Bold Front"
6 "Strife"
7 Kaoru "Sketch"
8 "Companion"
9 Sae "Doubt"
10 "Wish"
11 Morishima "Sexy"
12 "Departure"
13 Miya "Hot Spring"


# Name
1 "Tsukasa Ayatsuji Side Story+"
2 "Rihoko Sakurai Side Story+"
3 "Ai Nanasaki Side Story+"
4 "Kaoru Tanamachi Side Story+"
5 "Sae Nakata Side Story+"
6 "Haruka Morishima Side Story+"
7 "Picture Drama Valentine For You"
8 "Picture Drama Valentine For You 2"


Opening Theme

  • Check My Soul by Azusa

Ending Theme

  • Unlike in season 1, there is only one ending for each arc: Confessions by Azusa.