Amagami SS+ plus continues to follow the life of Junichi Tachibana after the events of Amagami SS. Much like its predecessor, it is arranged in an omnibus format. Each character arc receives two additional episodes which expand on Junichi's relationship with each girl following the closing episodes of Amagami SS.

What if Tsukasa Ayatsuji were to run for student council president...? will Junichi get more closer with Rihoko Sakurai after joined in Tea Club...?


# Arc Name
1 Tsukasa "Temptation"
2 "Showdown"
3 Rihoko "Twilight"
4 "Wind Chime"
5 Ai "Bold Front"
6 "Strife"
7 Sae "Sketch"
8 "Companion"
9 Kaoru "Doubt"
10 "Wish"
11 Haruka "Sexy"
12 "Departure"
13 Miya "Hot Spring"


# Name
1 "Tsukasa Ayatsuji Side Story+"
2 "Rihoko Sakurai Side Story+"
3 "Ai Nanasaki Side Story+"
4 "Kaoru Tanamachi Side Story+"
5 "Sae Nakata Side Story+"
6 "Haruka Morishima Side Story+"
7 "Picture Drama Valentine For You"
8 "Picture Drama Valentine For You 2"


Opening Theme

  • Check My Soul by Azusa

Ending Theme

  • Kokuhaku by Azusa
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