Companion (ミチヅレ Michizure) is the 8th episode of the Amagami SS+ Plus anime series.


Junichi and Kaoru are picked up by a passing truck who's driver sends them to a nearby hot spring inn with a bus stop. As they both start to argue over who's fault for missing the bus, the truck driver comments and gives some advice for the couple. Arriving at the inn, both of them realize the inn looks haunted and with only both of them the only customers, Kaoru is scared of being alone that she asks Junichi to accompany her even at the baths. After having a meal and heading to bed, Kaoru confess to Junichi that she set up this trip as she wants to know where their relationship is heading but Junichi has fallen asleep. The next morning, Junichi learns he left his coin purse at the bus stop, leaving Kaoru to use almost all her money to pay for the inn bill. Both of them argue again with Kaoru blaming Junichi for being careless and him blaming her for on always buying limited-edition snacks, which both of them refuse to talk with each other to the bus stop. As it starts to rain and they head to the bus stop for shelter, both of them apologize to each other over what they said and try to make the best of their trip. Much to their annoyance, they learn the bus stop is no longer in use and heads to a nearby beach town. Junichi makes a call to Miya for help but she keeps talking and tells him she has the bus company send their stuff to their home before ending the call. Nevertheless, Junichi and Kaoru decides to make the best of their time and play at the beach where they finally realize how much fun they had on this trip and reconfirm their love with each other with a kiss. Luckily for both of them, Masayoshi is at the beach town as part of his Sushi chef training and they now have a way to go back home. As the new semester starts, Kaoru thanks Keiko for suggesting the trip between her and Junichi. Junichi arrives with his art project of him and Kaoru at the beach thanks to Kaoru's help. As she notice a missing detail in the picture, Kaoru sits suggestively on Junichi to draw it which Junichi happily allows it.

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