Departure (タビダチ Tabidachi) is the 12th episode of the Amagami SS+ Plus anime series.


Junichi is rather nervous of Haruka coming over as not only is she cooking for him but also staying over for the night as well while his parents and Miya are coincidentally out. As they go to bed, Haruka reveals she is leaving for England to be with her grandparents after her graduation ceremony which comes as a shock to Junichi. After confirming the story from Hibiki at school, he calls Haruka at her home only for Jessica to pick up. Realizing what he's worried about, Jessica misleads Junichi saying not only Haruka will be leaving Japan and staying at England permanently but studying there as well and for Haruka's sake and that he shouldn't speak to her. As Junichi walks around in town wondering what to do, he has an epiphany after seeing a wedding dress on display. On the day of the graduation ceremony, Miss Takahashi is surprised to learn that Junichi will be giving out the congratulation speech as the student representative instead of Tsukasa because he begged her. As Junichi gives the speech to the graduating seniors, he gives a personal speech to Haruka. He reveals to her how they first meet and reminisces over the memories they made together and how he wants to make more memories with her. Overcome with emotion, Junichi tells Haruka that he loves and wants to marry her, much to the crowd's surprise. Overjoyed, Haruka runs to the stage, hugging Junichi and telling him that she loves him too and she will marry him and both of them kiss much to everyone's joy. As their friends congratulate them, Jessica reveals that Haruka is only going to England for a week but is happy the way things are. In the epilogue on Junichi and Haruka's wedding, Miya takes a picture of Junichi, Haruka, their friends and families.

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