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Haruka Morishima (森島はるか Morishima Haruka) is the first heroine featured in the Amagami SS anime. She is a third year student in class 3-A and is popular throughout the school.


Haruka has black hair that has a black-white headband inside and blue eyes. She has straight hair with bangs, they are curly near the end.

She wears their black school uniform.


She has a teasing and playful nature. She is a very picky person, bit eccentric and quite insecure when it comes to things she likes the most. She also likes cute stuff, especially puppies. Her best friend is Hibiki Tsukahara, the captain of their school's girls' swimming team and the one who tends to berate her.


Amagami SS


キミの瞳に恋してる - 森島はるか (cv 伊藤静) SVP

Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru


Wonderful Days - 森島はるか (cv 伊藤静) SVP

Wonderful Days


花 - 森島はるか (cv 伊藤静) SVP


In the anime, Haruka is first seen by Junichi his walk to school. She revitalizes his desire to love again, so Junichi sets off after her.

During lunch, Junichi is given the punishment to buy everyone lunch, after losing a game with Umehara and Kaoru. Junichi heads to the cafeteria where he sees Sae , whom he then assists in buying bread, which Haruka witnesses, identifying Junichi as a nice guy.

On his way back to class Junichi trips, leading to Haruka assisting him.

After school, Junichi looks for Umehara in the library, which causes Junichi to bump into Haruka looking for cute books, which he volunteers to carry for her. Shortly after the two meet up with Hibiki. Which is when Junichi properly introduces himself to Haruka.

The following day Haruka catches Junichi playing with his friends, to which she joins in. The two talk and bump into Miya.

Junichi finds Haruka by the school fountain, he then confesses to her, leading to Haruka rejecting him,

Junichi does not give up and continues to go after Haruka leading to him confessing a second time, something that Haruka had never experienced before, and as a reward for looking so cute, Haruka kisses Junichi the eyebrows.

The day after, Junichi is rejuvenated by Haruka's kiss, which results in him wanting to receive another. Haruka makes a deal with Junichi that he will be the one to kiss her, Junichi kisses her on the back of her knee.

Junichi and Haruka make a date for Christmas to meet Haruka's family in a hotel

Junichi and Haruka go to the hotel room, preserved for her visiting grandparents, who could not make it due to unsavory weather. Haruka takes the opportunity to shower while Junichi waits outside,tempted to peak on her but does not. Haruka is displeased with Junichi not peaking on her, and why he hasn't confessed again. Junichi confesses to Haruka once more, and the two share a kiss by the window.

A flash forward into the future shows Junichi and Haruka's home, with Hibiki and Haruka reminiscing about the past, which is when Junichi bursts through the door, imitating a police bust. The scene ends with the confessing of Junichi and Haruka's never ending love for each other.


The time of this events only known between her first time together with Junichi for the first time until Christmas Eve. Haruka alongside Junichi have their date in the family cafe which Kaoru is working. Soon, because of Junichi shyness, Haruka decides to hide under the table. Because of this, when Junichi orders the special baverage, he clumsily answering to have the dessert alongside Umehara, which make Kaoru and Haruka laugh. It ends with after Haruka leaving, Junichi feel lost.


Haruka's cousin Jessica Morishima comes to visit. Apparently, it became a "tradition" for the Morishimas that the guys will propose to the girls during their graduation day. This has happened to Jessica and their grandmother. Haruka wants to get proposed by Junichi during her graduation day but tries not to tell him as she might give him a wrong idea of being demanding. After all of the events has happened, she revealed to Junichi that she will be going to England, which shocked Junichi. On the graduation day, Junichi called but was unable to do so due to Jessica's intervention but given him a clue on what to do next. Junichi decided to propose to Haruka once he saw a wedding gown while walking back home the day before. He was given the privilege to speak on the stage and use that opportunity to propose to her and she accepted. Not long after that proposal, they got married.

SS+ special

Taking the time when Haruka took a bath in Junichi's home. She imagined on how should she react when Junichi take a peek on her.


In her route, she is portrayed as a popular girl who rejects every boy who confesses to her. Junichi will be getting to know her despite being rejected and being her cute underclassman.

Best End

Haruka reserves a hotel room on the pretext that Junichi will be meeting her parents. Her parents aren't there. She takes a shower and comes out in a towel. She's flustered about Junichi not peeping or why he hasn't confessed again despite having confessed twice. She also tells him that she's so in love with him that she can't think straight anymore and tells him to call her by her first name, not by her surname, like he is used to do. They share a passionate kiss, while her towel falls off. A few years later, Junichi becomes a police detective and Haruka is happily married to him. The anime only adapted this ending.

Good End

Haruka occasionally spends the night in Junichi's room while she is in college.

Normal End

Junichi buys Haruka a puppy, since she likes cute things. She starts seeing Junichi less as a cute underclassman and more as a reliable man.

Bad End

If Junichi stands Haruka up on Christmas, she does not forgive him. Years later, Junichi becomes an office salaryman when the company he works for is bought out by a company directed by Haruka. She has become a cold and distant woman, nothing like the girl Junichi once knew.

Character Songs

  • Kimi No Hitomi Ni Koishiteru
  • Wan Wan Disco Fever
  • Hana
  • Wonderful Days


  • Haruka's surname Morishima means "forest" (森) (mori) and "island" (島) (shima).


  • Haruka's middle name is "Lovely".
  • Haruka is a quarter-British from her mother's side.
  • Haruka shares similarities with Mao Mizusawa, one of the 7 heroines from Kimikiss, the spiritual Predecessor of Amagami SS. Both Mao and Haruka are the oldest heroines of their respective series, and are the only senior students in their groups.
  • Haruka is the second of three female love interests to be older than the protagonist followed by Aki Muroto if one is to follow both her and Aki's respective arcs.
  • Haruka is the only senior or oldest heroine not to have a three-letter name within her full name, though she does share her first name with Haruka Niimi who is also one of the seven heroines of Photokano.
  • Haruka loves to be spoiled by Junichi Tachibana in many ways, from letting Junichi lick the back of her knee, to playing a kidnapped princess by pretending she was tied up and letting Junichi feed her while he acts as a bad guy.
  • Haruka is always sleeping at the clinic and is often seen by Junichi there. She also has an encounter Kaoru there, and they chat happily.
  • Haruka is the only female that Miya Tachibana dislike at the first sight, but it is never revealed how Miya will attract to her eventually.
  • Haruka is the only main heroine who Junichi love on the first sight and Sae Nakata almost become the next, but not due Junichi only likes her shyness and bust size.
  • She's the only female lead that is older than Junichi
  • Haruka's ending in the anime is directly taken from her best end in the visual novel.
  • In the game, if Junichi does not progress Haruka's route, when Romeo (a first year) confesses to her, they will begin to start to spend time together in the same way Junichi does when the player spends time with her.
  • Her knee kiss with Junichi has been referenced multiple times in Seiren anime
    • it was the reason the discipline committee was formed
    • this also makes her one of the heroines indirectly referred in the Seiren anime (although this was more indirect compare to Ai Nanasaki who was referred by her brother multiple times)
  • She is the only character that is married but doesn't have any kids after the time skip