Jessica "Sexy" Morishima

Jessica Sexy Morishima

Kanji Name 森島・S・ジェシカ
Romaji Name Morishima "Sexy" Jessica
Gender Female
Status Alive
Height 168cm
Family Haruka Morishima (cousin)
Seiyu Shizuka Itou, Caitln Glass (English Dubbed)

Jessica Morishima (森島・S・ジェシカ) is a supporting character in Amagami SS+. She came to japan to go sight seeing and also to take back Haruka into England in one week vacation  prior to their grandparent's request without Junichi knowing the truth.


She really looks exactly like her cousin Haruka but with blond hair with. Her bangs sway in a different direction than Haruka's, while wearing a white headband.


She somewhat has a similar personality to Haruka, a playful, outgoing girl.