Junichi Tachibana (橘 純一 Tachibana Junichi) is the protagonist of the anime series and video game Amagami. Two years ago, he went out for a Christmas date with a girl that he'd recently confessed to. Unfortunately, she never showed up. Since that day he grew hesitant in the matters of love and despise Christmas Day. However, when he meets one of the six girls in the school, he might have a chance to change his current lifestyle.


Junichi has black hair and black eyes. He wears the standard school uniform. He usually seen wearing black coat rather than vest.

His casual wear consist of a long-sleeve white v-neck with blue jeans. When Junichi is outdoor, he would sometimes wear a brown overcoat.


Junichi has a calm and kind personality. He is also a very patient person but sometimes he can be very immature and forgetful. Even if he is currently in a state of depression, his way to treat everyone doesn't change. He is also very unselfish and helps anyone in need. He can occasionally be a pervert and will even accept to touch a girl who offers herself. He also watches porn if he feels lonely.

In the anime, it was seen numerous times that Junichi has acrophobia, as in a fear of heights. However, it seems that 6 girls of the anime seem to accept that.



  • The name Junichi means "pure, clean, simple" (純) (jun) and "one" (一) (ichi).
  • Junichi's surname Tachibana means "orange, tangerine" (橘).


  • In Amagami SS Plus, Junichi is somewhat fond in photography, as seen as in the intro where you will see him holding a camera occasionally, as he is also into filming.
Junichi and Tsukasa 10 years later with there daugther

Junichi and Tsukasa with their daughter

  • In the anime, in Tsukasa Ayatsuji's arc, Junichi and Tsukasa came back to the founder's festival 10 years later with there unnamed daughter, who bears a resemblance to the younger Tsukasa.


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References and notes

  1. He turned 18 during the main story of Amagami and Amagami SS. He is 26 in Amagami SS Plus Episode 10 (Sae Nakata Arc Part 2). He is 27 in Amagami SS Episode 4 (Haruka Morishima Arc Part 4) and Episode 24 (Tsukasa Ayatsuji Arc Part 4).
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