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Kaoru Tanamachi (棚町 薫 Tanamachi Kaoru) is one of main characters of Amagami SS and Amagami SS+ plus. She, along with Rihoko Sakurai, is a childhood friend of Junichi Tachibana and a student of Class 2-A with Junichi.


Kaoru has black, curly hair, black eyes, and an average bust size. She is described as "stylish" or "trendy".


Kaoru seeing her mother walking with another man

Kaoru is a tough and hardworking girl who is both lively and unpredictable.

She also has a habit of teasing and hitting Junichi Tachibana at seemingly random moments. She is also the main target of Junichi's perversion and she is also seen with Masayoshi Umehara (Junichi's best friend). She works part-time as a waitress at a family restaurant and sometimes in other part-time jobs to help her mother maintain their ability as a two-person family to live independently. Consequently, she is totally against it when her mother dates another man.


Amagami SS


Taking the time days before their first date. Junichi accidentally meets Kaoru during her other part timer jobs as a seller. While in the middle of talking, Kaoru and Junichi (unbeknown to Kaoru) think about where should they have a place for the first date. This OVA end with Junichi helps Kaoru with her selling.


Kaoru and Junichi spent their time for summer holidays by taking a two-days trip. They obtained the money from their temporary job as Inago Mask stageplay (which also resulted with only half pay due to Junichi's actions). They take the bus trip. She buy's a lot of limited snacks and she hides the snacks in a way making it look like there is a couple sleeping, tricking the investigator into thinking that they were already on the bus. The bus leaves them behind because Kaoru wants to eat some food with Junichi.

They try to call Junichi's sister (Miya Tachibana) but she is sleeping. They sit down at a bench hoping wondering what they should do.

They were soon helped by a truck driver, being sent into an inn. Humorously, due the inn seeming to be haunted, Kaoru is scared. Junichi realizes that he forgot his coin purse at the telephone booth and Kaoru has to pay. The next day, they start walking and soon found a bus stop, taking rest in there. After the bus stop is revealed to be unused, they soon leave.

In the end of the trip, they are founded by Umehara because of his sushi chef training. This arc ends with Kaoru sit on Junichi's thigh again like the beginning of the first arc to fix his drawing and tell him that is their relationship (which makes Junichi so shy at the first time)

SS+ special

Taking the time when Kaoru and Junichi were sleeping in the inn. She doesn't realize that her clothing is off her body and being seen by Junichi. Junichi watched her sleeping and judged it as rude sleeper. Half awake and half naked, Kaoru sees Junichi is getting close to her, wondering and ended up judging the situation as Junichi will make a move on her. But actually, Junichi is just fixing her blanket. She is grateful and thanks Junichi in her heart.


1047173-kaoru tanamachi large.png

In Kaoru's route, she is portrayed as Junichi Tachibana cheerful friend. Loves to tease him and he considers her a "bad friend". In her route, she kisses Tachibana a lot and he wonders if she's just messing with his head. She's not.

Best End

Kaoru's mother is getting married to another man that this depresses Kaoru and Junichi Tachibana becomes her emotional support throughout. On Christmas, they spend the night in Junichi's room. While in bed, Kaoru climbs on Junichi, shares a kiss, and tells him how their relationship parallels that of her parents. The morning after, they can be seen riding a bike together and then meeting with Kaoru's family some time afterwards. They'll be "bad friends" forever.

Good End

Kaoru and Junichi are both in college, sharing a place together. She cuts his hair. She realizes they'll be "bad friends" for a long time to come.

Normal End

Keiko is dumped again and Junichi encourages her. Keiko asks him to be her boyfriend. Kaoru punches him in the face and yells that there's no other girl for him but her.

Bad End

If Junichi stoods her up on Christmas, she forgives him. She's crushed but forgives him by throwing him in a river during winter. Junichi floats away while she yells that she still loves him.

Character Songs

  • Kitto Ashita Wa ...
  • Kaze ni Fukarete
  • Thanksgiving
  • Omoi no Kaze wa Doko Made mo


  • The name Kaoru means "fragrance, fragrant" (薫).
  • Kaoru's surname Tanamachi means "shelf" (棚) (tana) and "town" (町) (machi).


  • Kaoru is called by the nickname "Sex Hair".
  • In Episode 5, her ear bite on Junichi Tachibana's ear may be referenced to the series' title (Amagami means "nibble/gentle bite").
  • Kaoru is the only person who is not surprised when Tsukasa Ayatsuji shows her "dark side" to her classmates for the first time.
  • In Amagami SS+ plus it is revealed that she is a talented artist.
  • She is close friends with Keiko Tanaka.
  • She is a big fan of limited edition snacks
  • It is revealed that her father is deceased prior to the events of the story
  • Kaoru's least favorite season is winter and her favorite is summer.
  • Kaoru's favorite word is "幸せ" meaning happiness.
  • One of Kaoru's dream professions is beautician.