Little Sister (イモウト Imouto) is the 26th episode of the Amagami SS anime series.


Miya is concerned that her brother Junichi is going to be hopeless and lonely man in the future but is shocked when her friends Sae and Ai tell her Junichi is a nice and helpful person. Wanting to confirm if Junichi acts differently at school, she spies Junichi with Tsukasa, Rihoko, Kaoru, Haruka, Ai and Sae which proves it. Miya is then later joined by Risa where they both spy on Junichi getting friendly with other girls including Miss Takahashi, Manaka, Ruriko, Keiko, Hibiki and Kanae which surprises Miya that Junichi is such a playboy. Yet despite this, Miya wonders why her brother still does not have a girlfriend which she concludes that Junichi is gay which he vehemently denies when she confronts him. Relieved about Junichi's future, Miya goes Christmas shopping with Risa where she meets a boy from her school who confesses to her. However, Miya rejects him and goes home, wondering this is how Junichi feels until she finds a kitten at the park and takes it back home. Junchi chastises Miya for bringing the kitten since it might be separated from its mother so he agrees to help her find its mother at the park. Eventually they reunite the kitten with its mother where it gently bites her which Junichi explains is a sign of love to its mother; Miya does the same thing to Junichi as she learns how much he cares about her. In the end, Miya has a new respect for her brother and understands why girls like him until Junichi accidentally comes into the bathroom while she's still using it, calling him a pervert.

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