Lovers (コイビト Koibito) is the 12th episode of the Amagami SS anime series.


It's the Christmas season and Junichi realizes his feelings for Sae, and pursues it despite being afraid of getting his heart broken again. Junichi and Sae later go on a date at a café which serves a giant ice-cream parfait rumored to forever bind couples that eat it. Despite the size, Junichi tries his best to finish it. On the day of the Best Couple contest, Junichi and Sae, dressed as a bride and groom, loses first place to Hibiki and Haruka, dressed as a Western couple, but wins second place and tickets to a private booth at the cinema. On the night of their date at the cinema, Junichi happens to meet the director of the romantic movie they are watching, who gives him advice not to be afraid to confess his feelings. After watching the movie, Junichi finally tells Sae he loves her. Sae is happy to hear it from him, and later share a kiss and watch the giant Christmas tree lights together. In the epilogue, Junichi films Sae and Miya cosplaying as animals and having fun.

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