Manaka Hiba

Manaka Hiba

Kanji Name 飛羽 愛歌
Romaji Name Hiba Manaka
Gender Female
Status Alive
Seiyu Hitomi Harada

Manaka Hiba (飛羽 愛歌 Hiba Manaka?) is the vice president of the tea club and also one of Rihoko Sakurai's seniors along with Ruriko Yuzuki.

She appears in KimiKiss (a game-based anime with the same author as Amagami) as Manami Hiba in episode 19 joining in Aihara little sister "Udon Association" with Kaoruko Yuzuki (Ruriko Yuzuki).


She has black, messy hair and black eyes.


She is a shy girl with a quiet voice and a tendency to speak cryptically.