Maya Takahashi (高橋 麻耶 Takahashi Maya) is the homeroom teacher of class 2-A in Kibito High School, who later becomes the homeroom teacher of class 3-B. She is "a quite glamourous teacher in charge".[1]


Maya is a homeroom teacher in the protagonist's class. Because of yoga and jogging, she maintains her healthy beauty, which makes her popular along male students. Maya is a person of firm characters, but sometimes she makes a mistake.

Maya is still single, and has no lover. She waits for wonderful love for 5 years. She is graduate of the same school she teaches at, and the first school's Miss Santa. Frankly, she feels inclined to be fighting drunk.

Depending on game progress, protagonist can attack her, which will lead only to a bad ending.[2]


  • The name Maya means "hemp" (麻) (ma) and "question mark" (耶) (ya).
  • Maya's surname Takahashi means "tall, high" (高) (taka) and "bridge" (橋) (hashi).


  • Maya likes yoga, jogging, interacting with students and drinking.
  • Maya dislikes jokes of middle-aged man colleagues and gambling.
  • Maya gets to school by car.
  • Kibitou High's Miss Santa Contest used to be a normal Santa Contest until her prank appearance in the event about 10 years ago. Since her win, the participants ratio swung heavily toward girls and then it became what we see in the show.





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  2. Later, Amagami Chotto Omake Gekijou added a continuation of her scenario with specific ending
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