Mika Makihara (蒔原 美佳 Makihara Mika) is a female minor character from Amagami, the visual novel developed and published by Enterbrain. She was Junichi Tachibana, the crush of the stories protagonist two years prior to the beginning of the story. Although she only appears once, she had a major impact on Junichis romantic life.


She has a shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, with hair style that slightly resembles Rihoko Sukurai. During her appearance, she wore a standard Kibina High School uniform. (A sister school of the Kibitou High School)

It can be seen (in the anime) that she is marginally shorter than Junichi.


She has a cheerful attitude and normal behavior in comparison to the other female character in the story. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, which she demonstrated when she directly asked a sensitive question to Junichi regarding to the Christmas incident two years ago.

It appears that she has a inconsiderate side of her. Evidently revealed by Risa that she had set up the whole plan to dump Junichi on the Christmas date and invited all of her classmate to watch the sequence to "make a joke out of it".


She is introduced in Risa Kamizakis arc and revealed to be the person responsible for Junichis Christmas date trauma. She is also responsible for Risa's over-protective and stalking behaviour, for Risa believed she herself failed to protect Junichi on that day.

She does not appear in the majority of the story, her only appearance was during Risa Kamizaki's arc. After Junichi failed to convince Risa, who is now his secret girlfriend to go out with him on the Kibitou High School Founder Festival, Junichi wandered to the local park, which is the same park that he waited for Mika in two years prior. As he wondered about the previous conversation with Risa, he was greeted by Mika, who remembered and managed to identify Junichi. They soon had a brief catch up with each other. However Junichi struggled to hold the conversation due to his doubt of the Christmas incident, while Mika continuing talking. Finally, Mika asked Junichi about the Christmas date meet up two years prior, stated that she had always been wondering about it since then. It has been explained that Mika received a note from a fellow female classmate, saying that Junichi wanted to change the place of meeting. Junichi denied the note and Mika attempted to recall the girl who gave the note.


  • The name Mika means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "good, beautiful" (佳) (ka).
  • Mika's surname Makihara means "sow" (蒔) (maki) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).


  • Mika was mainly responsible for Junichi Tachibana's Christmas trauma, who Junichi believed that she had stood up on him two years prior to the beginning of the story.
    • Regardless on which route Junichi chooses, the Christmas incident will always have the same effect on Junichi.
  • Mika attends Kibina High School, which has been confirmed to be the sister school of Kibitou High School and it is the same school of which another visual novel, KimiKiss sets in.
  • Mika attend the same middle school class with Junichi and Risa Kamizaki.
    • Mika is the only character in the story that is not related to any of the main heroines. (She was a classmate of Risa Kamisaki, but not friends.)
      • Mika only appears in Risa Kamisaki's arc/route.
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