Noriko Kurosawa


Gender Female
Age 17-18
Status alive
Date of Birth unknown
Blood Type unknown
Height 160-164cm
Weight 50-52kg
Family father (alive)
Seiyu Natsuko Tauchi
Manga Debut N/a
Anime Debut amagami ss plus episode 1

Noriko Kurosawa is one of the minor supporting characters in the first arc of Amagami ss plus.


she has short, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is average size for her age.


Not much is known about her but it is shown that she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She is shown to also be quite manipulative as she managed to get votes by pulling strings and using her fathers influence. She has some sort of rivalry with Tsukasa Ayatsuji as shown in the student council president election as she wanted Junichi Tachibana to be her vice president the same as Tsukasa.

It is suggested that she has a crush on Junichi as she confessed and almost kissed him, but it is unclear if it was genuine love or just to get at Tsukasa. This is also the reason she joined the election as she stated at the end of the arc that she will steel Junichi from Tsukasa.



Amagami ss+

Noriko played an important role in Tsukasa's arc. She joined the presidential election for the student council and became a big rival for Tsukasa. She also assigned Junichi as her vice president the same as Tsukasa who is Dating Junichi. After losing many votes and losing to Tsukasa, she attempted a last ditch effort to raise initial votes by planning out a trap in which she confesses to Junichi an attempts to kiss him in front of Tsukasa to cause tension between their relationship, however she saw through her trap and dragged Junichi away giving him a scolding for falling for it.

After losing the election she is seen with her group of friends sulking and then shouting out the window that she will take Junichi Tachibana from Tsukasa Ayatsuji.