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Rihoko Sakurai (桜井 梨穂子 Sakurai Rihoko) is one of the female protagonist of the story, and her story is in the 5th arc. She is a childhood friend of Junichi Tachibana and Kaoru Tanamachi and a student of class 2-B.


Rihoko has brown hair and brown eyes.

She wears their school uniform, but she wears a vest rather than the black coat and her attire is similar to Kaoru Tanamachi.


Rihoko has a huge appetite who is also extremely clumsy, forgetting things with unusual ease. Her best friend is Kanae Itou, who is an extremely athletic girl. She is often seen in the library, reading dieting books and also a member of Kibitou Tea Club. She has an unrequited love for Junichi Tachibana ever since childhood.


Amagami SS


恋はあせらず - 桜井梨穂子 (cv 新谷良子) SVP

Ai wa Aserazu


星 - 桜井梨穂子 (cv 新谷良子) SVP



アイスクリーム日和 - 桜井梨穂子 (cv 新谷良子) SVP

Ice Cream Hiyori

Rihoko is finding it hard to let Junichi Tachibana know her true feelings. Junichi is forced into helping out the tea club for the founders festival (which Rihoko is a part of) by two tea club 3rd years Manaka Hiba and Ruriko Yuzuki. Since the two 3rd years will be graduating, they try and persuade Junichi to join to no avail. However, he does join in the end as a graduation gift and so Rihoko will not be alone.

Rihoko still has not confessed to Junichi so no real romantic progression has been made on Junichi's side.


Hanging out in the Tea club room, she noticed Junichi's nail clipper fell from his pants, he bragged about it being from NASA so he tried it on her and Junichi clipped Rihoko's toenails.


Junichi is suffering from fatigue, so Rihoko decides to cook Junichi dinner to cure it. Whilst shopping for groceries, Makabe (who is trying to get a girlfriend) confesses to Rihoko but is rejected. She says there is someone she likes which Junichi overhears (after following them),it is strongly implied that he hears Rihoko say she loves him but it is hard to tell as the sound of a train covers her confession. After dinner Rihoko is invited to stay over. She goes down stairs to meet Junichi looking into the night sky. They have a heart to heart, reminiscing about the past. At this point Junichi realizes his feelings and confesses to Rihoko before she could get the chance. They share a kiss and are then seen together drinking tea the next day.

SS+ Special

Running from the rain they entered a phone booth to dry themselves. She approached Junichi and wiped his head with towel and Junichi did the same for her, when he was leaning she back down and almost fell off the door of the phone booth. Junichi grabs her and it started to snow, fogging the phone booth. They shared a kiss after.


In Rihoko's route, she is portrayed as Junichi Tachibana's childhood friend who eats a little too much and believes herself to be fat. Has been with Junichi since elementary school and has a crush on him ever since.

Best End

Junichi Tachibana spends Christmas with Rihoko and Miya Tachibana in their house. Later outside, he tells her that he always took their relationship for granted, but now it's different. They share a deep, passionate kiss. Many years later in college, Junichi buys her a creampuff. Inside it, there's a ring and she accepts.

Good End

Junichi Tachibana spends the school Christmas festival with Rihoko. He hugs and realizes how much she means to him. The next year, he joins the tea club but it's closed due to lack of members. Despite all this, she's with Junichi and that's all that matters.

Normal End

Rihoko wakes Junichi Tachibana up while in bed by jumping in his bed and going underneath the blanket. It reminds her of their childhood and the time they spent together and she feels that it will not change.

Bad End

If Junichi Tachibana stood Rihoko up on Christmas, she forgives him. Junichi begs forgiveness from Rihoko (who caught a cold from standing in the snow) but she tells him that she was never angry at him and never can be. They proceed to kiss. A little while later, Junichi begs Rihoko to punish him. She makes him eat an all you can eat ice cream parfait. He faints and Rihoko smiles. They'll be best friends forever.

Character Songs

  • Koi Wa Aserazu
  • DJK
  • Hoshi
  • Sweet Message
  • Ice Cream Biyori


  • The name Rihoko means "pear" (梨) (ri), "grain" (穂) (ho) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Rihoko's surname Sakurai means "cherry blossom" (桜) (sakura) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).
    • Part of the surname Sakura can also mean "blossom" (咲) (saku) and "good, virtuous, respectable" (良) (ra).


  • Rihoko's Arc is the only arc wherein Christmas takes place in its third chapter and the only arc to feature the events after Christmas on-screen.
  • Rihoko is the second of three Enterbrain heroines who are childhood friends with the protagonist followed by Haruka Niimi from Photokano, if one follows both Rihoko and Haruka Niimi's Respective arcs, the first one being Mao Mizusawa from Kimikiss.
  • The only main heroine who Junichi doesn't love on the first season and finally has her feelings accepted by Junichi on the second season.
    • This was a cause of distaste for some fans due to her first season arc focused more on the tea club rather than her relationship with Junichi
  • In the game, Rihoko joins the idol group Genuine Idols (正真正銘アイドル) if the player does not progress her route by day 34.
  • She may be the only female lead which Miya Tachibana did not know or was not aware that his brother was dating until the end of the series.
  • In season 2 OVA she stated that she used to bath with Junichi until their early elementary days
  • She is considered to be the "Bakadere" out of all the female protagonist
  • It is stated in her arc that she was inlove with Junichi since they were young but it is not confirmed if this is canon for the other arcs
  • She's the only female lead to have direct interaction with Junichi even if it's not her arc in season 1 (other girls becomes background character or barely notice Junichi if it's not their arc)
  • Her willingness to recruit Junichi to the tea club seems to extend beyond her arc as she did so during Morishima's arc in amagami ss+
  • Only her good end in the game was adapted to anime
  • Her interaction with Junichi (outside her arc) always seem to revolve around her consciousness with body image
    • the only exception is Morishima's arc in Amagami ss+ where she wants to recruit him
  • Only her arc in season 1 deviates from the series formula (it did not conclude at christmas and they did not end up together)
  • Rihoko hates summer and loves winter and snow.