Ruriko Yuzuki (夕月 琉璃子 Yuzuki Ruriko) the club president of the tea club and Rihoko Sakurai's senior. She is always worrying for Rihoko's clumsiness and about the future of the tea club that will be left in Rihoko's hand as the new club president when she and her best friend Manaka Hiba  graduate.

She appears in KimiKiss anime (a game-based anime of the same author of Amagami) as Kaoruko Yuzuki in the episode 19 joining in Aihara little sister "Udon Association" with Manami Hiba (Manaka Hiba).


Ruriko has short black hair and black eyes with glasses.


Ruriko is a straight and outgoing girl, but she seems to be quite serious and strict at the same time.


  • The name Ruriko means "precious stone, gem, lapis lazuli" (琉璃) (ruri) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Ruriko's surname Yuzuki means "evening" (夕) (yu) and "moon" (月) (tsuki/zuki).
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