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Sae Nakata (中多 紗江, Nakata Sae) is the main female lead of the third Amagami SS arc. She is a student of class 1-B and a classmate of Miya Tachibana and Ai Nanasaki. She studied in an all-girls school when she was in middle school.



She has long brown hair and brownish green eyes, and her hair is tied up by two black ribbons. She wears their formal school uniform. A distinct characteristic is that despite being a first year, her breasts have grown to a large size (as commented by Jessica). This occassionally draws Junichi's attention whenever he sees her and usually the jealousy of Miya.


She is a extremely shy girl, because she has studied all her life in a all-girls school. She also blushes a lot when she talks or makes contact with the boys. After Junichi takes her to Kaoru's workplace, she also wishes to become a waiteress, something that Junichi helps her to do (with very hilarious results). She also has a low soft voice. She got over her shyness when she meets Junichi. She is a very close friend of Miya Tachibana.



Amagami SS


Junichi first encounter with Sae in her early entering school

Her arc covers episodes from 9 to 12. She tranfers to Junichi’s school, where she is shown to be akward around men. Junichi loses his wallet after bumping into Haruka, which Sae returns. He later tries to find her to properly thank her, which led to his sister Miya introducing her to him. A few days later, Junichi sees Sae, frightened by a puppy, and brings her to the restaurant Kaoru works at to calm her. Sae thinks Kaoru's work uniform is cute and wants to try it, so Junichi then suggests she gets a part-time job there. However, Sae is too shy, so Junichi helps her to overcome her shyness with the help of Miya.


Sae falls to Junichi during her training to become maid in cafe. Moment of Miya enters and misjudges the situation for the second time.

Three weeks after training under Junichi, Sae has still yet to overcome her shyness over speaking in front of people. Junichi helps her overcome this by imagining the cafeteria ladies as vending machines. Later that afternoon, Junichi trains Sae to change her clothes in a corner within a short amount time, getting mistaken for a pervert by Miya when Sae, wearing a swimsuit, accidentally falls on him in a compromising position, in the process. Junichi and Miya later bring Sae to a hot springs to try out the footbaths, and they find out Sae is very sensitive with the therapy, making her moan erotically, causing an aroused Junichi to pass out. As Sae stays over for the night with Junichi and Miya, he compliments Sae on wearing his sister’s pajamas and wishes he had a sister like her. But to his confusion Sae replies she does not want to be his sister. Months later, Junichi is still wondering what Sae said that day but he still continues training her until the day of the job interview at a maid cafe. Sae manages to pass the interview but she still wants Junichi to be her coach because she still wants him to encourage her. Junichi later accompanies Sae to the amusement park to have fun with the rides there, including having her photo taken with her favorite TV superheroes.


Sae first date with Junichi. On their way to watch a cinema from their winning ticket prize.

Christmas season arrives and Junichi realizes his feelings for Sae. He decides to pursue it despite being afraid of getting his heart broken again. Junichi and Sae later go on a date at a café which serves a giant ice-cream parfait rumored to forever bind couples that eat it. Despite the size, Junichi tries his best to finish it. On the day of the Best Couple contest, Junichi and Sae, dressed as a bride and groom, loses first place to Hibiki and Haruka, dressed as a Western couple, but wins second place and tickets to a private booth at the cinema. On the night of their date at the cinema, Junichi happens to meet the director of the romantic movie they are watching, who gives him advice not to be afraid to confess his feelings. After watching the movie, Junichi finally tells Sae he loves her. Sae is happy to hear it from him, and later share a kiss and watch the giant Christmas tree lights together.

In the epilogue, Junichi films Sae and Miya cosplaying as animals and having fun.


A few weeks before Christmas, Junichi is left depressed as it's his birthday, but everyone has left him alone. Just then Sae pays him a visit to wish him a happy birthday and give him a present. Junichi invites her in, and is left awestruck by Sae’s present, an album full of pictures of her in various cosplay outfits. When Junichi asks why Sae chose such a present, she says Miya told her what Junichi liked so she did it to make him happy. The two then enjoy a walk outside together.

Amagami SS+ plus

Her arc covers episodes from 9 to 10. On the early beginning Sae is seen with Junichi doing a filming. On the first part of her arc, Junichi is troubled because he feels to be looked down by most students because doesn't look to be Sae's boyfriend, there is also a hillarious situation when Junichi in rush to meet Sae due Miya's misinterprate of Sae will have a political marriage which is actually Sae's pet meeting. On the second part of her arc, Sae is chosen to be the next student council president, Junichi finds a way to support Sae's activity with recording. In the end of this arc, they are married and have a daughter on 8 years later, they watch Inago Mask stage play and Sae is pregnant for the second.

SS+ special

Her full length filming about the bear is revealed to be a red-riding hood film by Junichi which the story is totally different from the original.


In her route, she is shown to be shy around men. Because of that, she has a soft, quiet voice. Though generally reserved, she shows a child-like enthusiasm for the Inago Mask superheroes. Her story arc in the anime is unique in that the characters occasionally break the fourth wall.

Best End

Sae feels bad about making Junichi her boyfriend. He runs after her, telling her how much she means to him. They spend their Christmas watching a movie in a private room. They share a deep, passionate kiss. Many years later, is shown to be happily married already having a daughter with him and pregnant again from him.

Good End

Sae works in a Maid Cafe. She feels that she never would have had the confidence to work there hadn't it been for Junichi's support. She decides that one day, she'll make Junichi fall in love with her.

Normal End

Sae and Junichi play around in the school infirmary. They share a deep kiss and she tells Junichi to lock the door...

Bad End

If Junichi stoods her up on Christmas, she becomes sick due to standing in the snow for hours. She colapses from cold and her parents force her to change schools. Despite still loving Junichi, it is implied that she never sees him again.

Character Songs

Music Videos
あなたしか見えない - 中多紗江 (cv 今野宏美) SVP

あなたしか見えない - 中多紗江 (cv 今野宏美) SVP

真冬のセレナーデ - 中多紗江 (cv 今野宏美) SVP

真冬のセレナーデ - 中多紗江 (cv 今野宏美) SVP


  • Her arc is unique that it is the only arc to feature a narrator. There is also a running gag in her arc wherein characters (usually Junichi) breaks the fourth wall by talking to the narrator.
  • Sae is the only married heroine to be pregnanted for the second time in the arc which end with marriage.
  • She is the most often to be close with Miya.
    • Fact can be shown in her arc, Miya isn't chat often with Ai. But when Ai's arc, Miya is still often to play with Sae. This is due the fact that Ai is always busy with her swimming club activity.
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