Sexy (セクシー Sekushii) is the 11th episode of the Amagami SS+ Plus anime series.


A few months have past since Haruka and Junichi have become a couple. During their date, Haruka asks Junichi when she is going to meet his parents which catches him by surprise. Haruka later reveals to Hibiki that she wants Junichi to propose to her during graduation day just like her British grandparents and her cousin, Jessica Morishima and her fiance did but doesn't want to force him. While Hibiki agrees to keep it a secret, she helps Haruka make Junichi ready subtly by helping the couple roleplay, pretending they are getting married, having a baby and a family dinner with Hibiki playing the role of their daughter. But when Junichi won't answer Hibiki's question on how he proposed to Haruka, Haruka is upset during their walk home but much to their surprise, they are greeted by Jessica who has come for Haruka's Graduation ceremony. Jessica is aware about Haruka's plans and tells her to tell Junichi soon before graduation. The next day, Junichi notices Haruka is looking down which leads Kaoru to start a rumor that both of them have broke up which Rihoko hears and Junichi dismisses. Jessica, wishing to help Haruka before her Kyoto sightseeing trip, calls Junichi to help Haruka before she gets taken by other men from England. Feeling threatened, Junichi brings Haruka to the watershed after school and tells her he loves her and would never let any man take her. Realizing it was Jessica's work, Haruka thanks Junichi for caring since she was feeling down since she will be graduating. As they head home, Junichi asks Haruka if she would like to come to his house sometime.

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