Shouichi Kamita
Kamita Souichi
Name Shouichi Kamita
Kanji 嘉味田 正一(かみた しょういち)
Romaji Kamita Shouichi
Gender Male Male
Birthday March 17th
Status Alive
Family Tomoe Kamita(older sister) / Hikari Tsuneki(Girlfriend/Future Wife in Hikari's arc) / Tooru Miyamae(Wife in Tooru's arc) / Kyouko Tono(Wife in Kyouko's arc)
First Appearance
Anime Seiren
Japanese [Atsushi Tamaru] / [Yurika Kubo]
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Although he can't leave people in trouble alone, he has a habit of looking up at the sky and mumbling "what to do?" when he himself is in trouble. He's a bit of a pervert with a tendency to fantasize about naughty things. Shouichi is a lover of games, be they on home consoles, in arcades, or elsewhere. He's also the male protagonist of this story.

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