Sketch (スケツチ Suketsuchi) is the 7th episode of the Amagami SS+ Plus anime series.


Kaoru is doing an main character of an Inago Mask show at the amusement park getting into her role as Junichi is playing one of the evil minions. After Kaoru starts deviating from the script which sends Junichi through the stage, he retaliates by attacking Kaoru with other bad guy costumes. Flashback to before the summer break, Kaoru is helping Junichi with a art assignment and helps him, rather suggestively by sitting on the chair he's in with everyone watching. Kaoru and Keiko talk about Kaoru and Junichi's relationship and how they looked too much like a couple during moments like that. Kaoru also begins to realize that even though they've been dating for almost half a year, their relationship hasn't drastically changed from before they were dating. After Keiko suggests that the two should go on a trip together, Kaoru and Junichi plan out a trip by getting a part-time job doing the Inago Mask show. While working, their antics on the show gets them scolded by their manager and they leave with only half of the normal pay. While getting a limited edition drink, Kaoru spots a cheap 3 day 2 night bus tour to Kibitou that they plan to go on the next day. During their trip, their bus arrives at a bus stop and Kaoru buys up all of the limited edition snacks at the convenience store and leaves it in the bus. Afterwards, Kaoru and Junichi go to an authentic Japanese restaurant where they end up spending too long and the bus leaves without them, the driver assuming that the covered piles of snack Kaoru left is them. With no way to contact anyone, Junichi and Kaoru are left alone at the bus stop.

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