Strife (トウソウ Tousou) is the 6th episode of the Amagami SS+ Plus anime series.


At the Founder's Festival, Miya and Sae's class is doing a play of Romeo and Juliet with Miya and Sae as the lead characters respectively while Ai is working at the Swim Club Oden Stand. When she gets her break time, she reflects on last year's Founder's Festival with Junichi and starts to tear up wondering how Junichi's doing. After the Founder's Festival ended, Miya and Sae invite Ai to a slumber party at Sae's place, but before they could go, Ai forgets to get her brother, Ikuo, a present for Christmas. She finds an Inago Mask belt toy at the store, bringing up memories of her time with Junichi again as she stars tearing up again, feeling lonely that she can't spend this time with her boyfriend. But then she hears a familiar voice and turns to see Junichi behind her who snuck out of camp to spend his Christmas with Ai. They call Miya and Sae to tell them that Ai's not coming and leaves Ikuo's gift at his bedside as they go on their long awaited date. They go into a clothes store and Junichi buys Ai a white coat as her present while Ai give him her old coat to keep him warm. As Masayoshi encounter the couple, he also finds people from Junichi's training camp looking for him which Masayoshi wards them away from Junichi. As they go along in their date, Junichi and Ai find themselves at the red light district with love hotels. As they are feeling more awkward with the situation, Junichi's teacher, Miss Takahashi emerges from a spa and massage parlor located in the same area as the love hotels. Junichi and Ai run off as they misunderstood Miss Takahashi was only in the spa and massage parlor. Junichi and Ai reach the park where it begins to snow as soon as they arrive. Ai confesses that she felt lonely during this time and questions what will happen when Junichi goes to college. Junichi reassures her that nothing will change when he leaves for college. He then asks Ai to hold on to a key when he gets an apartment as they kiss in the snow. Sometime after Junichi gets into college and gets his own apartment, Ai wakes him up as the both of them watch the fireworks, with Ai wishing to see the fireworks together with Junichi for years to come.

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