Training (トックン Tokkun) is the 10th episode of the Amagami SS anime series.


Three weeks after training under Junichi, Sae has still yet to overcome her shyness over speaking in front of people. Junichi helps her overcome this by imagining the cafeteria ladies as vending machines. Later that afternoon, Junichi trains Sae to change her clothes in a corner within a short amount time, getting mistaken for a pervert by Miya when Sae, wearing a swimsuit, accidentally falls on him in a compromising position, in the process. Junichi and Miya later bring Sae to a hot springs to try out the footbaths, and they find out Sae is very sensitive with the therapy, making her moan erotically, causing an aroused Junichi to pass out. As Sae stays over for the night with the Tachibanas, Junichi compliments Sae on wearing his sister's pajamas and wishes he had a sister like her. But to his confusion Sae replies she does not want to be his sister.

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