Underclassman (コウハイ Kouhai) is the 9th episode of the Amagami SS anime series.


It's been two years since the Christmas Eve incident and with the second semester starting, Junichi sees the new transfer student, Sae. Junichi loses his wallet after bumping into Haruka, which the shy Sae returns. Junichi tries to find her to properly thank her, which led to his sister Miya introducing her to him. A few days later, Junichi sees Sae, frightened by a puppy, and brings her to the restaurant Kaoru works at to calm her. Sae gets enamored by Kaoru's uniform and wants to try it. Junichi then suggests she gets a part-time job there. But in order to overcome her shyness before her interview, Miya and Junichi decides to help her with the latter becoming her coach. After a rather embarrassing training session, the Tachibana siblings walk Sae home with Junichi giving her a piggyback ride.

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