Wish (オネガイ Onegai) is the 10th episode of the Amagami SS+ Plus anime series.


As Tsukasa helps prepare Sae with her duties for the Founders Festival, Junichi is feeling saddened by the lack of time he is spending with Sae as well as how he doesn't know how to help Sae. While reflecting at home, Junichi reflects with several tapes of Sae in his various movies when he gets an idea to film a documentary of Sae as the head of the Founders Festival this year. While filming, Sae begins to feel more pressure as the days go on but continues on. One day, Miya finds out that Sae is in the infirmary which Junichi rushes over to check. An awaken Sae explains to a worried Miya and Junichi that she was tired from working late at night and went to the infirmary to rest. Ten days before the Festival, Sae and her staff learns the Drama Club overspent their budget and don't have enough funds to buy costumes and recently learn the Swim Club and the Tea Club needs new equipment. She expresses her troubles to Junichi who, while still supportive of Sae, doesn't know how to help Sae out. After talking to Tsukasa, who gives him some advice as she went through similar troubles last year, he decides to show Sae his film of the work she did in the Founder's Festival. He tells her that he will be her pillar of strength as Sae requests that Junichi continue to film her closely. Thanks to Junichi, Sae manages to resolve the troubles of the festival. After the opening ceremonies and hosting this year's Best Couple contest, Sae finally takes a break with Junichi. She gives him his Christmas present as thanks and request Junichi to give him her present; a kiss. Happy to be together, the couple kisses again. In the epilogue eight years later, Junichi is filming his wife, a pregnant Sae, and their daughter at a live Inago Mask show.

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